Friday, May 21, 2004

Resources in Ecological Phenomenology

In this compendium I refer to quite a few sources not currently available electronically, primarily books and journal articles available in many university libraries. In part this is a deliberate choice: the electronic domain is only one part of the world, and conversations and research conducted primarily in this realm tend to develop a circular shallowness, even a vacuity, unless extended to the other spheres we inhabit. This is only one gathering place, and a new one, and we are impoverished if we abandon other ones.

Here, however, are some electronic gathering sites (additions, suggestions, corrections welcomed; please contact

Articles and Books

Bibliography in Eco-Phenomenology (compiled by Ted Toadvine, Emporia University)

Brown, Charles S. and Ted Toadvine, 2003. Eco-Phenomenology: Back to the Earth Itself. State University of New York Press. Abstract

"Phenomenologies of Environment and Place" (David Seamon, in Phenomenology + Pedagogy, 2(2): 130-135)

Phenomenology, Place, Environment, and Architecture: a Review of the Literature

The Reach of Reflection: Issues for Phenomenology's Second Century. Edited by Steven Crowell, Lester Embree, and Samuel J. Julian. The Centre for Advanced Research in Phenomenology, Inc. Published electronically by Electron Press. See in particular Ted Toadvine's article, "Ecology in the New Millennium".


Alternatives Journal
Continental Philosophy Review (formerly published as Man and World)
Death Studies
Electronic Journal of Analytic Philosophy (peripatetic)
Environmental Ethics (see especially the cumulative index)
International Philosophical Quarterly
International Studies in Philosophy
Soundings: An Interdisciplinary Journal
Southern Journal of Philosophy
The Trumpeter


Association for Death Education and Counseling
Centre for Advanced Research in Phenomenology
Centre for Environmental Philosophy
Environmental Studies Association of Canada (ESAC)
International Association for Environmental Philosophy
Organization of Phenomenological Organizations
Society for Phenomenology and Existential Philosophy

Other Sites

Ecology and Environmental Philosophy Resources
Phenomenology Online
The Natural Death Centre


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